The Feminist

THE FEMINIST – A Swedish Inspiration

In her native Sweden, everybody has an opinion about feminist trailblazer Gudrun Schyman. Some see her as a superhero, others as a villain – but most would agree that she’s been one of the most influential politicians of the past decades.

Gudrun Schyman has been through all the ups and downs of political life: from humble beginnings in a blue-collar family grappling with her father’s alcoholism, becoming a social worker, rising to lead the Leftist party to record election results; publicly shamed for her struggles with addiction; overcoming her demons, and founding Europe’s first feminist party.

Through it all, Schyman has remained fiercely, unapologetically feminist, constantly working to raise the bar for equality in Sweden and internationally.

THE FEMINIST follows Schyman through daily life and political breakthroughs. With cameos from supporters Jane Fonda and Pharrell, the film paints a personal and political portrait of the woman behind the headlines, as she meets with women in small towns in Sweden, travels to refugee camps in Greece, and organizes a movement in the corridors of power in Brussels.

Everywhere she goes, Schyman lights the fire of fellow feminists, blazing a trail forward.

At this point in time – when politics is at the top of most people’s minds, and women are running for office in record numbers – it’s vital to document the experience and legacies of the women who have spent their lives on the barricades and in the corridors of power, laying the groundwork for the future.



Gudrun Schyman
Anna Schyman
Amanda Mogensen
Jacques Öhlund
Lasse Westman
Dan Schyman


Producer Helene Granqvist
Director & DoP Hampus Linder
Editor Amalie Westerlin Tjellesen
Music Composed and Produced by Katharina Nuttall & Linus Andersson
Executive Producers First Hand Films
Esther Van Messel & Gitte Hansen
Editing Consultant Lena Runge
Color Grading Johan Eklund
Sound Design Robert Sörling & Claes Lundberg
Rerecording Mix Martin Sandström
Stills Jenny Baumgartner



DOC NYC, New York City; 10th of November 2018 (International Premiere)

Athena Film Festival, New York City; 3rd of March 2019.

DCIFF, The D.C. Independent Film Festival, Washington D.C, 8th of March 2019

VIWFF, The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival; 8th of March 2019 (Canadian Premiere)


Running time: 90 minutes

Screening format: HD
Director: Hampus Linder
Producer: Helene Granqvist
Production Company: Nordic Factory Film & TV Sweden, 2018.

Sales agent First Hand Films
Esther Van Messel

Press contactKauraisa PR
Petra Kauraisa

Funded by

Svenska Filminstitutet
Film i Skåne
Sveriges Television
Film i Dalarna



English press kit (pdf)

Gudrun Schyman lockar dokumentärfilmare– an article in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Schymans liv blir film i Skåne – an article in the newspaper Sydsvenskan

Photo by: Jenny Baumgartner

Photo by: Jenny Baumgartner

Photo by: Jenny Baumgartner

Photo by: Hampus Linder


Photo by: Hampus Linder

Photo by: Jenny Baumgartner


Road 13 / Väg 13

A woman is stuck in a traffic jam with her dog. She is on her way to the veterinarian to put it down. A man in the next car makes contact, which gets unexpected and shocking consequences. A film that surprises and leaves no one unaffected.


Road 13 will world premiere att Gothenburg International Film Festival on January 28th 2017.


Saga Gärde


Anders Mossling

Martin Wallström


Scriptwriter & director: Paolo Iskra & Kim Sundbeck

Producer: Helene Granqvist

DOP: Majaq Julén

Focus puller: Fredrika Öberg

Sound: Marcus Hadriz

FAD: Sigrid Hemer Nordenhake

Stills: Hedda Rabe

Production assistants: Jean-Luc Mwepu, Martin Möller, Joen Bergenrud

DIT: Andrea Langendorf

Casting: Malin Myrén

Editing: Kim Sundbeck

Editing supervisor: Erik Bäfving

Sound design: David Gülich

Color grading: Johan Eklund

Poster: Josefin Granqvist

Graphics: Daniel Karlsson

Music: Shirley Clamp


Nordic Factory Film in co-production with Good Film & Post, Solid

Entertainment and Film i Skåne/Hanna Sohlberg, with support from  BoostHbg

and Svenska Filminstitutet/Andreas Fock





Granny’s Dancing on the Table

Eini is 13 years old and grows up isolated from society in a cabin in the woods together with her controlling and abusive father. Stories about her granny and Eini’s invincible fantasy enables her to create a world within, from which she can draw her strength to survive.

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Eini Blanca Engström
Karl Lennart Jähkel

Director Hanna Sköld
Script Hanna Sköld
Producer Helene Granqvist
DOP Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
Associate Producer Klara Björk
Danish co-producer Valeria Richter
Sound Design Kristoffer Salting & Thomas Jaeger
Animation Daniel Svensson & Hanna Sköld
Editor Patrik Forsell
Visual concept & Costume Design Åsa Lieberath
Set Design Erika von Weissenberg
Post Producer Johan Eklund

Festival Distributor Swedish Film Institute

Festival info

TIFF Toronto International Film Festival /Canada 4-14.9.2014

HIFF International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy /Finland 18-29.9.2014

MEFA Middle Eastern Film and Arts Festival, Helsinki/Finland 9-12.10.2014

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck/Germany 29.10-2.11.2014

Stockholm International Film Festival/Sweden 5-6.11/2014

Helsinki Short Film Festival/Finland 11-15.11.2014 (winning a Special Mention and receiving the Kettu-Award, a Best Short Film Award, given at the Finnish Jussi-gala (Finnish Film Awards) on 1.2.2015)

London Film Festival/UK 26.11-7.12.2014

Flickerfest 24th International Short Film Festival & Short Film Bureau/Australia 9-18.1.2015 + Touring around the country

El Corto Del Ano, Promofest, Madrid/Spain 1.1.2015 (winning festival distribution as Short Film of the Year Award)

Clermont-Ferrand Marché Du Film Court/France, Market-screening 31.1-6.2.2015

Air d’Islande Paris/France 7.2.2015

Tampere Film Festival/Finland 4-8.3.2015 (winning Tampere Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards 2015 (EFA) & Prize of the Youth Jury: Golden Moro)

Hong Kong International Film Festival 23.3-6.4.2015

Amnesty screening, French Riviera/France 7-29.3.2015

Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen/NL 8-12.4.2015

Aspen Shortsfest/USA 7-12.4.2015

Mooov Film Festival/Belgium 23.4-3.5.2015

Tribeca Film Festival/USA 15-26.4.2015)



Hanna Sköld and Granny’s Dancing on the Table have won the following prizes:

ARTE’s Power to the Pixel Pitch Prize (2010)

MEDIA European Talent (2011)

MEDIA European Talent Prize for best script in Cannes  (2011)

MEDEA’s Co-production Prize


Funded by

The Swedish Film Institute


MEDIA development

Kulturkontakt Nord

Film i Skåne

Film i Dalarna


Filmcentrum Skåne

Kickstarter Campaign


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An immigrant woman in a burqa brings her young son to a Copenhagen police station to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the interpreter assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words. A tense, hard as steel film about cultural isolation and bureaucratic ignorance.



Son Yusuf el Ali
Mother Zeinab Rahal
Translator Amira Helene Larsen
Police woman Nanna Bøttcher
Police man Alexandre Willaume



Directors: Hamy Ramezan, Rungano Nyoni
Producers: Valeria Richter, Helene Granqvist
Production Company: Pebble & DoDream, Nordic Factory
Screenplay: Hamy Ramezan, Rungano Nyoni
DOP: Lars Vestergaard


El Corto Del Ano, Promofest,Spain, January 2015 – Short Film of the Year Award

REGARD sur le court métrage/ International short film Festival, Canada, 11.-15.3.2015 – International Grand Prize

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 23.3-6.4.2015 – Grand Firebird Award

Athens Film and Video Film Festival, Ohio, 3.-9.4.2015 – Best Fiction – 3rd Prize

Aspen ShortsFest, Aspen, US, 7.-12.4.2015 – Special Jury Recognition

Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA, 15-26.4.2015 – Best Narrative Short Award

Alicante Film Festival, Spain, 29.5.-2.6.2015 – Best European Short film Award

International Festival of Local Televisions Golden Beggar 2015, Slovakia 17.-20.6.2015 – Prize of the Fogelsong Foundation of the USA

Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) Human Rights Film Awards, Ireland, 18.6.2015 – Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) Human Rights Film Award

Human Rights Films Festival, Buenos Aires City, Argentina, 17.-24.6.2015 – 1st Prize, Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition

Marin County Film Festival, USA, 1.-5.7.2015 – Best Narrative Short

Festival Joven de Cortometrajes de Huétor Vega, Spain, 10.7.2015 – First Prize

Festival de Cortometrajes Visualízame, Spain, 27.6.2015 – Solidarity award, awarded by the Chair of Solidarity Economy of the Universitat Abat Oliva Ceu

FMK International Short Film Festival, Pordenone, Italy, 14.-17.7.2015 – YoungClub Special Prize: Special Mention

North Carolina Film Award, August 2015 – Founder’s Award

MoliseCinema Festival, Rome, Italy, 4.-9.8.2015 – K Award

Rural Film Fest, Spain, 5.-9.8.2015 – Special Mention

Festival Alhama Ciudad de Cine, Alhama de Granada, Spain 18.-21.8.2015 – Best Screenplay

Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, Cebu City, The Philippines, 15.-21.8.2015 – Mabuhi Cebuiff Best Narrative Short Film

Accolade Global Film Competition, USA, August 2015 – Award of Excellence: Film Short

Hayah International Short Film Festival of Panama, Panama, 10.-16.9.2015 – Best Fiction Short Film

New York City Short Film Festival, USA, 26.9.2015 – Awards Best of Fest, Audience Choice Program A

Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival, Hungary, 18.-19.9.2015 – Short And Experimental Films – Main Prize

The thirteenth and last Experimental International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 19.-21.9.2015 – Best Short Film Award, Best Direction

Women Media Arts and Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 26.-27.9.2015 – Best Direction Short Film Award

Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Temática Social de Berriozar, Spain, 22.-24.10.2015 – Shared prize 750e, Audience Award

International Short Film Festival SHORT FORM, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 19.-27.9.2015 – Special Mention

International Film Festival for Diversity Andoenredando, Torre Pacheco, Spain, 14.11.2015 – Best International Short Film

Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton, Canada, 29.9.-8.10.2015 – ALLEN COOKE Award for Lunchbox Short

Konstanzer, Konstanz, Germany, 24.-25.10.2015 – Third Prize

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden, 19.-25.10.2015 – Audience Award

Festival de cortometrajes contra la violencia de género Jaén, Spain, 3.-6.11.2015 – Second Award

24fps International Short Film Festival, Abilene, USA, 6.-7.11.2015 – Red Citation Humanitarian Award

Cork Film Festival, Cork, UK, 6.-15.11.2015 – Grand Prix Award for International Short

Festival de cortometrajes contra la violencia de género 2015 de Jaén, Spain, 3.-6.11.2015 – Second Award

Muestra Internacional de cortometraje de la Bahía de Pasaia, IKUSKA, Spain, 13.-21.11.2015 – Best Direction

Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 20.-29.11.2015 – Venus Award for Best Short Fiction

Premio Internacional de Cortometrajes de la Universidad de La Laguna, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, 26.11.2015 – First Price

Cortogenia Film Festival, Madrid, Spain, 1.1.-10.12.2015 – International Short Film Award

Bogota Short Film Festival BOGOSHORTS, Bogota, Colombia, 9.-15.12.2015 – Best Fiction Short Film

Prague Short Film Festival, Czech Republic, 21.-24.1.2016 – Main Award – Best Short Film

Kinofilm – Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival, Manchester, UK, 22.-28.2.2016 – Best Female Director (Rungano Nyoni)

AfryKamera African Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 5.-10.4.2016 – Best Short Film

Festival de Málaga Cine Español, Spain, 22.4.-1.5.2016 – Biznaga de plata Award – Women on Stage for the Best Short Film

Festival info

Cannes/Directors’ Fortnight – 15.5.2014

TIFF Toronto International Film Festival/Canada – 09/14

HIFF Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy – 18-29.9.2014

MEFA Middle Eastern Film and Arts Festival, Helsinki/Finland – 9-12.10.2014

Nordic Film Days Lübeck/Lübeck – 29.10-2.11/2014

Stockholm International Film Festival/Sweden – 5-6.11/2014

Helsinki short film festival/Finland – 11-15.11.2014

London Film Festival, London/UK – 26.11-7.12.2014

Flickerfest 24th International Short Film Festival & Short Film Bureau, Australia 9.-18.1.2015

El Corto Del Ano, Madrid, Spain – 1.1.2015-31.1.2015

Festival Air d’Islande, Paris, France  – 7.2.2015

Tampere Film Festival, Finland – 4.-8.3.2015

Amnesty screening, France – 7.-29.3.2015

Hong Kong International Film Festival, China – 23.3.2015-6.4.2015

Season Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland – 26.-29.3.2015

Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, USA – 3.-9.4.2015

Aspen Shortsfest, USA – 7.-12.4.2015

Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands – 8.-12.4.2015

Tribeca Film Festival, New York, USA – 15.-26.4.2015

Washington DC International Film Festival, USA – 16.-26.4.2015

Tainan Short Film Festival, Taiwan – 17.-19.4.2015

Festival Internacional de Cortos Radio City, Valencia, Spain – 22.4.2015

Mooov Film Festival, Belgium – 23.4-3.5.2015

Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey – 24.-26.4.2015

Texas Hill Country Film Festival, USA – 30.4-3.5.2015

Illusia festival for children and youth, Helsinki, Finland – 4.-8.5.2015

Seattle International Film Festival, USA – 14.5-7.6.2015

Cork African Film Festival, Ireland – 15.-21.5.2015

Alicante Film Festival, Spain – 29.5-5.6.2015

Cabriolet Film Festival, Lebanon – 29.-31.5.2015

Festival de Cine Socialy y de los Derechos Humanos Cine Otro, Valparaiso, Chile – 25.-30.5.2015

Big Sur Shorts, California, US – 1.6.-31.8.2015

Cinema dal Basso, Italy – 6.-7.6.2015

Los Angeles Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA – 10.-18.6.2015

Curitiba International Film Festival, Brazil – 10.-18.6.2015

Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, Finland – 10.-14.6.2015

Porto7 – Oporto International Short Film Festival, Portugal – 10.-14.6.2015

Festival Un Tempo Mer, Italy – 12.-13.6.2015

Yerevan International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia – 12.-19.6.2015

Valletta Film Festival, Malta – 15.-21.6.2015

Certamen de Cortometrajes ’Por Caracoles’, Seville, Spain – 15.-20.6.2015

Palm Springs International ShortFest, US – 16.-22.6.2015

Human Rights International Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina – 17.-24.6.2015

ICCL Human Rights Film Awards, Dublin Light House Cinema, Ireland – 18.6.2015

Festival Alto Vicentino, Santorso, Italy – 19.-20.6.2015

Sardinia Film Festival 2015, Sassari, Italy – 21.-27.6.2015

International Festival of Short Film/Video 2015, Marin County Fair, San Rafael, USA  – 1.-5.7.2015

Salaam Kivu International Film Festival, Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo 3.-12.7.2015

Screening at Kino Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic – 9.7.2015

Festival Joven de Cortometrajes, Carmen de San Rafael, Spain – 10.7.2015

Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche, Elche, Spain – 17.-24.7.2015

Cinefiesta 2015, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico – 19.-26.7.2015

Shorts at Moonlight, Frankfurt, Germany – 23.7.2015

Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy – 24.7.-1.8.2015

Summer Film School, Czech Republic – 24.7-1.8.2015

Motovun Film Festival, Motovun, Croatia – 25.-29.7.2015

Malescorto International Short Film Festival, Malesco, Italy – 27.7.-1.8.2015

Traverse City Film Festival, Michigan, USA – 28.7.-2.8.2015

Joaquin International Film Festival in Stockton, California, USA – 1.-2.8.2015

El Pecaco 2015, Badajoz, Spain – 4.-8.8.2015

MoliseCinema Festival, Rome, Italy – 4.-9.8.2015

Rural Film Fest, Fuencaliente, Spain – 5.-9.8.2015

Open Air Film Festival Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, The Netherlands – 5.-29.8.2015

Dokufest, Prizren, Kosovo – 8.-16.8.2015

Short Film Festival Villamayor de Santiago, Villamayor de Santiago, Spain -12.-15.8.2015

Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Weiterstadt, Germany – 13.-17.8.2015

Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, Cebu City, The Philippines – 15.-21.8.2015

ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival, Sf Gheorge, Romania – 17.-23.8.2015

Portland Rising Film Festival, Portland, USA – 14.-15.8.2015

Rauma Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma, Finland – 21.-23.8.2015

Koroche Festival, Kaliningrad, Russia – 21.-23.8.2015

Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil – 19.-30.8.2015

Kino Sampo Film Festival, Riihimäki, Finland – 15.-23.8.2015

Odense International Film Festival, Odense, Denmark – 24.-30.8.2015

Muestra de Cine de Más Pequeña del Mundo, Ascaso, Spain – 25.-29.8.2015

Muestra OTROS CINES, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 27.-30.8.2015

International Changing Short Film Festival screening, Copenhagen, Denmark – 28.8.2015

Festival International du Film Nancy Lorraine, Nancy, France – 28.8.-6.9.2015

Kraljevski Filmski Festival, Kraljevo, Serbia – 2.-5.9.2015

1 Reel Film Festival for Bumbershoot, Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival, USA – 5.-7.9.2015

MolineFesti, Milan, Italy – 5.9.2015

FICBUEU International Short Film Festival, Pontovedra, Spain – 7.-12.9.2015

Pink City International Short Film Festival, Jaipur, India – 7.-22.9.2015

Duhok International Film Festival, Duhok, Iraq – 9.-16.9.2015

FESTIVAL DE CORTOMETRAJES HAYAH, Panama City, Panama – 10.-16.9.2015

International Short Film Festival of Lille, Lille, France – 14.-20.9.2015

Portobello Film Festival, London, UK – 11.9.2015

Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Bristol, UK – 15.-20.9.2015

Film Festival for Women’s Rights, Seoul, Republic of Korea – 16.-20.9.2015

Cine Migrante International Festival of Film and Formation of Immigrant Human Rights, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 17.-23.9.2015

My Europe 2015 Film Festival – 18.9.2015

Jameson Cinefest Miskolc International Festival, Miskolc, Hungary – 18.-19.9.2015

Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, Sweden – 18.-23.9.2015

International Film Festival CINEMAFEST, San Luis Potosi, Mexico – 18.-27.9.2015

Experimental Film Festival, Sydney, Australia – 19.-21.9.2015

International Short Film Festival Short Form, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia – 19.-27.9.2015

Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo, Lugo, Spain – 21.-27.9.2015

Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Greece – 23.9.-4.10.2015

Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Canada – 23.9.-24.10.2015

Balinale Bali International Film Festival, Bali, Indonesia – 24.-30.9.2015

Full Bloom Film Festival, StatesvilleUSA – 24.-26.9.2015

European Short Film Festival at MIT, Cambridge, USA – 24.-26.9.2015

Great Lakes International Film Festival, Erie, USA – 24.9.-3.10.2015

RiuRau Film Festival, Xabia, Spain – 25.-27.9.2015

Manhattan Short, New York, USA – 25.9.-4.10.2015

New York City Short Film Festival,New York, USA – 26.9.2015

Movies at the Mill Easton, Easton, USA – 26.9.2015

Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Spain – 29.9.-3.10.2015

Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn, Puerto Madryn, Argentina – 1.-4.10.2015

Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton, Canada – 1.-10.10.2015

El Festival Internacional del Cortometraje FIC, San Miguel, Argentina – 1.-16.10.2015

Ponferrada International Film Festival, Léon, Spain – 2.-10.10.2015

Festival de Cine de Pamplona, Pamplona, Spain – 5.-9.10.2015

National Community Film and Video Festival of Aguablanca District, Cali, Colombia – 7.-13.10.2015

Festival non é mai troppo corto, Catania, Italy – 7.-15.10.2015

Shnit International Short Film Festival, Bern/NY/Kyoto – 7.-18.10.2015

Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma, USA – 8.-15.10.2015

Family Film Project in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal – 11.10.2015

Tallgrass Film Festival, Wichita, USA – 14.-18.10.2015

West Nordic International Film Festival, Ålesund, Norway – 15.-17.10.2015

Festival de Cine Invisible, Bilbao, Spain – 15.-22.10.2015

ESMI Film Contest, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 16.10.2015

Northern Wave International Film Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland – 16.-18.10.2015

Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, USA – 16.-25.10.2015

Madrid Film Festival, Madrid, Spain – 16.-25.10.2015

Corto y Creo, Santander, Spain – 17.-24.10.2015

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden – 19.-25.10.2015

International TV Festival Bar, Bar, Montenegro – 20.-24.10.2015

Chacun son Court, Strasbourg, France – 20.-26.10.2015

Festival Icaro de Cine en Centroamérica, Antigua, Guatemala – 20.-28.10.2015

Muestra international de cine Surmic, Osorno, Chile – 20.-30.10.2015

Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Temática Social de Berriozar, Spain – 22.-24.10.2015

Raintree International Film Festival, Danville, USA – 23.-24.10.2015

Konstanzer Kurz.Film.Spiele, Konstanz, Germany – 24.-25.10.2015

Rolling Frames Film Summit, Banglore, India – 24.-25.10.2015

Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, Salvador, Brazil – 28.10.-4.11.2015

Muestra de Cine Mujer en Escena, Malaga, Spain – 29.10-26.11.2015

MOSCA – Cambuquira Short Film Festival, Cambuquira, Brazil – 30.10.-8.11.2015

Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival, Kolkata, India – 2.-6.11.2015

Braunschweig International Film Festival, Braunschweig, Germany – 2.-8.11.2015

Muestra de Documentales Cine Social La Imagen Del Sur, Gordoba, Spain – 2.-9.11.2015

Festival de cortometrajes contra la violencia de género de Jaén, Spain – 3.-6.11.2015

Screening at the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters 60th Anniversary, Helsinki, Finland – 5.-26.11.2015

24fps International Short Film Festival, Abilene, USA – 6.-7.11.2015

International Film Festival for Diversity Andoenredando, Torre Pacheco, Spain – 6.-14.11.2015

Muestra La Imagen del Sur en ENLACE G, Córdoba, Spain – 6.-14.11.2015

Cork Film Festival, Cork, Ireland- 6.-15.11.2015

Helsinki Short Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland – 11.-14.11.2015

interfilm International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany – 11.-16.11.2015

Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo, Egypt – 11.-20.11.2015

Lujbljana International Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia – 11.-22.11.2015

Arab Camera Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 12.11.2015

EyeCatcher International Film Festival, McAlister, USA – 12.-15.11.2015

Fairhope Film Festival, Alabama, US – 12.-15.11.2015

Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón, Majaelrayo, Spain – 13.11.2015

Alcorto, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain – 13.-14.11.2015

Muestra Internacional de cortometraje de la Bahía de Pasaia, Ikuska, Spain – 13.-21.11.2015

Cortogenia online festival at – 13.-22.11.2015

Cortogenia Film Festival, Madrid, Spain – 13.-22.11.2015

Cairo International Film Festival – 14.-19.11.2015

Short Cuts, Connecticut, USA – 18.-20.11.2015

International Izmir Short Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey – 19.-26.11.2015

Golden Anteaters, Lublin, Poland – 20.-28.11.2015

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2015, Barcelona, Spain – 20.-29.11.2015

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain – 20.-29.11.2015

Euroshorts, Gdansk, Warsaw, Katowice, Poland – 23.-29.11.2015

Screening at Ca’Foscari Cultural Flow Zone for the International day for the elimination of violence against women, Venice, Italy – 25.11.2015

Premio Internacional de Cortometrajes de la Universidad de La Laguna, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain – 26.11.2015

Festival on Wheels, Ankara & other cities, Turkey – 26.11.-10.12.2015

Tampere Human Rights Film Festival, Tampere, Finland – 27.11.-28.11.15

Leuven Short Film Festival, Leuven, Belgium – 27.11.-5.12.2015

Festival de Cine de Cartanega, Cartanega, Spain – 29.11.-5.12.2015

Ajyal Youth Film Festival, Doha, Qatar – 29.11.-5.12.2015

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena, Cartagena, Spain – 29.11.-5.12.2015

Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain – 29.11.-10.12.2015

Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe, USA, Scholar Selects Shorts Program – 2.-6.12.2015

Festival Internacional de Cine Digital Experimental de Espacio Enter Canarias, Tenerife, Spain – 3.-10.12.2015

Corto Imola Festival, Ravenna, Italy – 8.-13.12.2015

Bogota Short Film Festival BOGOSHORTS, Bogota, Colombia – 9.-15.12.2015

Cours Devant International Festival, Paris, France – 10.-18.12.2015

Screening at One Big Family workshop on migration, Bilzen, Belgium – 12.-13.12.2015

Tenerife Shorts, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – 17.-20.12.2015

Format Court, Paris, France – 18.-19.12.2015

Screening for students at Helsinki Vocational School, Helsinki, Finland – 20.12.2015

North Carolina Film Awards, Raleigh, USA – 7.1.2016

Los Angeles International Culture Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA – 10.1.2016

Prague Short Film Festival, Czech Republic – 20.-24.1.2016

Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway – 28.-31.1.2016

Spokane International Film Festival, USA – 29.1.-6.2.2016

International Film Festival Zoom, Jelenia Góra, Poland – 16.-21.2.2016

European Film Festival of Lille, France – 11.-18.3.2016

Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival, Manchester, UK – 22.-28.2.2016

Festival of Political Photography, Helsinki, Finland – 2016 March

Short Film Night in Umeå, Sweden – 9.3.2016

Mecal – International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain – 11.3-9.4.2016

Short Film Series Event at the Lichtblick Kino, Berlin, Germany – 3.3.2016

Tampere Film Festival, Finland – 9.-13.3.2016

Medina Del Campo Short Film Festival, Spain – 11.-19.3.2016

Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland, UK – 16.-20.3.2016

Evropa Film Akt – Festival l’Europe autour de l’Europe, Paris, France – 16.3.-17.4.2016

Cleveland International Film Festival, USA – 30.3.-10.4.2016

AfryKamera African Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland – 5.-10.4.2016

Go Short – International Short Film Festival, the Netherlands – 6.-10.4.2016

Taos Shortz Film Festival, USA – 7.-10.4.2016

NexT Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania – 7.-11.4.2016

Mostra Cine Laboratório, Säo Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 17. & 23.4.2016

Festival de Cinema Europeo, Lecce, Italy – 18.-23.4.2016

Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Ukraine – 20.-24.4.2016

Skopje Film Festival, Macedonia – 22.-30.4.2016

Festival de Málaga Cine Español, Spain – 22.4.-1.5.2016

Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium – 27.4.-8.5.2016

Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey – 28.4.-8.5.2016

Screening at the Riwaq Art Gallery, Manama, Bahrain – 30.4.2016

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany – 5.-10.5.2016

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia – 5.-19.5.2016

World Festival of Emerging Cinema 2016, St. Augustine, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago – 19.5.-22.5.2016

St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia – 19.-28.5.2016

Krakow Film Festival, Poland – 29.5.-5.6.2016

Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad, Norway – 8.-12.6.2016

Screening of Films Directed by African Women, Léon & Madrid, Spain – 10.6. & 7.7.2016

International Film Festival Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia – 23.-26.6.2016

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic – 1.-9.7.2016

Best of Short Films Festival, La Ciotat, France – 6.-10.7.2016

Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel – 7.-17.7.2016

Tabor Film Festival, Croatia – 8.-10.7.2016

Pula Film Festival, Croatia – 9.-16.7.2016

Curtas Vila do Conde – International Short Film Festival, Portugal – 9.-17.7.2016

ZOOM Brühler Kinotreff e.V., Germany – 13. & 20.7.2016

European Film Festival Palic, Serbia – 16.-22.7.2016

Rojal Film Festival, Roja, Latvia – 28.-30.7.2016

University Short Film Festival INTRAVENOSA, Cali, Columbia – 1.-5.8.2016

Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art, Ukraine – 4.-7.8.2016

DokuFest – International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Prizren, Republic of Kosovo –  5.-13.8.2016

Avvantura Film Festival – Filmforum Zadar, Croatia – 20.-26.8.2016

FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival, Slovenia – 22.-27.8.2016

Special Charity Screening in Umeå, Sweden – 27.8.2016

BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary – 30.8.-4.9.2016

International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Skopje, FYR Macedonia – 10.-17.9.2016

ARTos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus – 13.-15.9.2016

Batumi International Arthouse Film Festival, Georgia – 18.-25.9.2016

Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Bristol, UK – 20.-25.9.2016

Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece – 20.-25.9.2016

Muestra de Cine y Derechos Humanos de Sevilla, Spain – 26.-28.9.2016

International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania, Tirana, Albania – 26.9.-1.10.2016

Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS, Latvia – 27.9.-2.10.2016

Screening at Berlin Film Society, Germany – 28.9.2016

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden – 24.-30.10.2016

Screening at National Audiovisual Institute, Helsinki, Finland – 28.10.2016

Africa in Motion Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, UK – 28.10.-6.11.2016

izmir International Short Film Festival, Turkey – 1.-6.11.2016

InScience Film Festival, Nijmegen, the Netherlands  – 2.-6.11.2016

Museu del Cinema, Girona, Spain – 2., 9., 16. & 23.11.2016

European Film Forum Scanorama, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipéda & Siauliai, Lithuania – 3.-20.11.2016

Alcine Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain – 4.-11.11.2016

Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany – 7.-13.11.2016

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland – 8.-13.11.2016

International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, Tallinn, Estonia – 11.-27.11.2016

Cork Film Festival, Ireland – 12.-19.11.2016

Panorama of European Cinema, Athens, Greece – 17.-27.11.2016

EU Short Film Tour Asia 2016, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taipei and Kaoshiung, China – 20.11.-15.12.2016

International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima, Cracow, Poland – 22.-27.11.2016

Best of the Cork Film Festival Shorts

Green Bay Film Festival, USA – 2.-5.3.2017


Funded by

Finnish Film Foundation

New Danish Screen

Copenhagen Film Fund


Press images

Programme from TIFF


Nordic Factory Film





Push Me

Siri is at a turning point in her life. She feels frustrated about not daring to do what she wants and dreams about. She feels like the society, as well as her own boundaries, stop her from living fully; be who she wants to be, scream at the top of her lungs, and live out her fantasy about dominating someone else sexually. Siri’s new friend Lee is going to help her get rid of her fears.



Siri Louise Peterhoff
Lee Aleksa Lundberg



Director: Tove Pils
Creative producer: Josefin Granqvist
Executive producer: Helene Granqvist

Festival info

Uppsala International Short Film Festival – 22-23.10.2014

Tove Pils won the Pixel Pitch 2009 with Push Me at the Pixel Film Festival.


Funded by

The Swedish Film Institute

Film i Skåne



Press images

Listen to the interview with Tove Pils from Swedish Radio P4 about Push Me.







Nordic Factory

4 short films of 15 minutes each were co-directed by 4 tandems of young directors. The 4 films world premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Nordic Factory was produced by Valeria Richter and Helene Granqvist in collaboration with Dominique Welinski, and in partnership with Directors’ Fortnight. Nordic Factory was supported by New Danish Screen and the Finnish Film Foundation. Copenhagen Film Fund, Larsen VFX, Film Gear, Red Rental and Mainstream were the main partners and investors in the project.



Written/directed by Hamy Ramezan (FIN) & Rungano Nyoni (ZMB).

Starring Amira Helene Larsen, Yusuf el Ali, Zeinab Rahal, Nanna Bøttcher and Alexandre Willaume.



Written/directed by Milad Alami (DK) & Aygul Bakanova (KG).

Starring Lars Mikkelsen and Dar Salim.



Written/directed by Kræsten Kusk (DK) & Natalia Garagiola (AR).

Starring Signe Egholm Olsen and Stig Hoffmeyer.


The Girl and the Dogs

Written/directed by Selma Vilhunen (FIN) & Guillaume Mainguet (F).

Starring Fillippa Coster-Waldau, Caroline Stein Frandsen and Lea Monrad Post.


The Nordic Factory Films were produced by Helene Granqvist & Valeria Richter.

Festival info

The four Nordic Factory Films world premiered at the 67th Cannes Film Festival at a special screening on the opening day of the Directors’ Fortnight programme.

 Read more in the Cannes project book 2014

Funded by

Finnish Film Foundation

New Danish Screen

Copenhagen Film Fund

Press images



Nordic Factory Film






In the best of worlds //

I den bästa av världar

The Performing Arts collective ”Potato Potato” is known for making “cheaper and less good” versions of pop cultural events.  After eight years of developing their feminist work methods they now have their own theater house and have become an important part of the Swedish Performing Arts scene. This documentary portrait focus on their work with a project about whiteness and representation on stage. In their own words: the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

The film lets the audience enter a feminist utopia and states the importance of soft values and solidarity.


In the best of worlds will premiere at Swedish Television in fall 2016.



Potato Potato Scenkonst



Director: Theresa von Hofsten


Funded by


The Swedish Film Institute

Film i Skåne


Press images

Read more about Potato Potato Scenkonst







Night trip on the ferry to Bornholm. At the bar, Daniel, 50, starts a conversation with Amir, a younger, handsome guy. But Daniel is not just after small talk, he is looking for something from Amir, something very personal.



Daniel Lars Mikkelsen
Amir Dar Salim



Directors: Milad Alami & Aygul Bakanova
Producer: Name
Production manager Christian Thomsen
DOP Jakob Wiessner


Festival info

Premiered in Director’s Fortnight 2014

Nominated for the Danish Academy Awards

Odense International Film Festival/Denmark 25.8-31.8.2014

Flanders Int. Film Festival Ghent/Belgium 14.10-25.10.2014

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck/Germany 29.10-2.11.2014

Zinebi – Bilbao Int. Festival of Documentary and Short Film/Spain 14.11-21.11.2014; (Void winning the Best Short Fiction Film Award, granting access to Oscar-eligibility)

Clermont-Ferrand Marché Du Film Court/France, Market-screening 31.1-6.2.2015

Tampere Film Festival/Finland 4-8.3.2015


Funded by

Finnish Film Foundation

New Danish Screen

Copenhagen Film Fund


Press images



Nordic Factory Film







Like every Sunday, Anne picks up her father Theodor at the nursing home. They seem to have their ritual, but this Sunday will not turn out like all the others.



Anne Signe Egholm Olsen
Theodor Stig Hoffmeyer
Daniel Mads Riisom


Directors: Kresten Kusk & Natalia Garagiola
Producer: Name
Production managers Christina Jæger & Christian Thomsen
DOP Adam Morris Philip DFF

Funded by

Finnish Film Foundation

New Danish Screen

Copenhagen Film Fund

Press images



Nordic Factory Film






The Girl and the Dogs

Mette, Lina and Anna Sophie, 3 teenagers, are on their way to a party. A strange discovery on a local beach will change the very nature of their friendship.



Mette Fillippa Coster-Waldau
Lina Caroline Stein Frandsen
Anna-Sophie Lea Monrad Post



Directors: Selma Vilhunen & Guillaume Mainguet
Producer: Helene Granqvist & Valeria Richter
Production manager Christian Thomsen

Festival info

South Cinema Film Festival/Israel 2014

New York Film Festival (NYFF Lincoln Center’s Film Society) 2014

Berlin Short Film Festival 2014

Helsinki Short Film Festival 2014

Glasgow International Film Festival 2014

Institute of Contemporary Arts of London 2014

Greenland Eyes Festival Helsinki/Finland 2014

Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2014

Malmö International Youth Film Festival + tour – BUFF/Sweden 2015


Funded by

Finnish Film Foundation

New Danish Screen

Copenhagen Film Fund


Press images



Nordic Factory Film