Push Me

Siri is at a turning point in her life. She feels frustrated about not daring to do what she wants and dreams about. She feels like the society, as well as her own boundaries, stop her from living fully; be who she wants to be, scream at the top of her lungs, and live out her fantasy about dominating someone else sexually. Siri’s new friend Lee is going to help her get rid of her fears.



Siri Louise Peterhoff
Lee Aleksa Lundberg



Director: Tove Pils
Creative producer: Josefin Granqvist
Executive producer: Helene Granqvist

Festival info

Uppsala International Short Film Festival – 22-23.10.2014

Tove Pils won the Pixel Pitch 2009 with Push Me at the Pixel Film Festival.


Funded by

The Swedish Film Institute

Film i Skåne



Press images

Listen to the interview with Tove Pils from Swedish Radio P4 about Push Me.